Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dear Before-Me

It's ok.
You feel better now.
Mostly, not all the time. But when you're sad it's because of other things, that are new.
You didn't think it would happen,
but you woke one morning and thought "I don't care anymore".
And you really didn't.
You felt sad that you'd lost a friend and some time, but you also felt that life would be a lot less complicated.
You thought about the girl you'd met in the shops, and how nice she was and felt a bit sparkly. You thought about someone that you'd had a silly giggly tongue tied crush on for ages, and felt silly and giggly and lighter.
You thought about unrequieted crushes and decided thay were funner than bizarre relationships. You got up and made some coffee (instant of course) and daydreamed.
You dressed in the clothes you liked best and painted your nails red.
You felt happy, and sang to yourself loudly, not just under your breath.
Hang in there darling girl, wait a few months, and you'll see.
I'm telling truths.
Lots of love from,

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