Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Today my head is being a bit mean.
It is saying things like you are boring. And not even a bit pretty. AND NO ONE LOVES YOU OR LIKES YOU.

What a bitch.
That last one was me, not further head abuse.

I danced to Billie Holiday by Warpaint with a beautiful little deaf boy and a helium balloon, and now I feel better.
We are going to go and feed my lunch to the ducks.


  1. I love & like you, Beth. I don't comment on your posts as much as I ought to, because all I have to say is: I love how beautifully you write. But rest assured, I read everything and these are my thoughts, every time.

    Much love & hugs

  2. Thank you Poppy :) I like you and love you too.
    Your comment also helped me to feel better :)

  3. You are interesting and hilarious and entertaining and intelligent and beautiful and everyone who knows you at least likes you and almost all love you!

  4. I am going to write that down somewhere for when I feel yucky :) Thank you

  5. To Bethany.
    You are none of those things your head told you you are. You are, however, very silly for thinking them.
    I like you and love you and I think you are very un-boring and more than a bit pretty. And even Roxanna likes you and she doesn't like anyone. SO THERE.

  6. I love my friends :) I said that out loud in an incredibly goofy awww shucksy voice. I even did a trying to shrug/ bury my head in my shoulders things. Just so you all know....