Saturday, November 05, 2011

A Bit Of A Mental Health Day

I had a bit of a Mental Health Day yesterday. Or Night.
My cat came home with a bloody gash on her leg.
And I cried.
I bathed her wounds tenderly with saline. She got cross and made angry cat noises.
And I cried.
She ran away to under-the-house and didn't come home for hours.
And I wanted to cry but I'd run out.
Fireworks started banging outside and I thought about how scared she must have been under-the-house. I thought "what if she gets scared and runs out in front of a car".
"What if she gets hit by a rocket?"
"What if a crazy person steals her and puts her in a bag with lit fireworks?"
(It was in the paper)
"What if a crazy person traps her in a wheelie bin?"
(It was on the news)
By 4am she was dead. And lying in the road. And maybe only just alive. But wouldn't make it until morning.
I had to look for her! I had to call the vet! How would I get to the vet's?! Where was the clinic?! Was there such a thing as a feline ambulance?? Why hadn't I learned to drive?!!
Should I wake the neighbors and form a search party?
At 5 am she came and jumped on me and licked my face.
I cried. And she swallowed the salt.

By 6am I had Toxic Shock Syndrome. If I fell asleep I would likely wake up dead.
My skin burned all over. I had a temperature. I was fatally poisoned.

At 6.30am my mum said that No. She didn't think I had Toxic Shock Syndrome. Had I slept?

And by 7am I had abandoned my cat, and crawled into my sister's recently vacated bed.


  1. OH MY GOD.
    "By 4am she was dead. And lying in the road. And maybe only just alive. But wouldn't make it until morning."

    I thought that that was real and not imaginery and I got very upset. And also felt like a terrible person for only talking about myself yesterday and not asking about you or Molly.

    I am very glad that she is ok. And that you don't have TSS.

    Do you know why she had the gash on her leg? Was some other cat bullying her? The poor thing:(

    Lots of love for you both.

  2. No no no no she is very much alive outside of my crazy-head :)
    It was her BOYFRIEND I think he was all hey it's mating season and she was all don't come near me with that thing- I don't have a uterus and then he was naughty.
    :( he is bad bad cat! I chased him out my house and hissed at him.