Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Dear world, at large. Or at small. Especially at small, really. You are more personable and less scary to talk to. Although I also enjoy talking to nameless, faceless entities. It can be very liberating. And I'm all about liberation. And the connotations that arrive with it. Freedom. Generosity. Things we all need. Macro or micro.

I spend so much time figuring out who I'm talking to. Reaching out into the unknown. seeking diversions and new reasons to be. Mostly to avoid speaking to myself. Or saying anything important whilst I'm within hearing range.
So I've moved someplace quiet.
Lets make it an undisclosed location.
So's I can be mysterious. Fun.

It's quiet and small. And there's no Internet. And no phone line.
Which I think worries some people. But I'm further away from the edge than I have been in a while. I wake up to the sun coming through the window, I get up and make my bed. It doesn't sound it, but it's a big deal. Really.
I'm reading, and writing things that are just for me, and painting things that are for something secret that i can't talk about yet in case everything falls through.
My new jobs are beautiful. I love helping people. I think I'm doing something good here.
It's a nice change, from feeling like a complete failure. And wanting to burn my life down.

So, that's all. I'm not really in a writerly mood. But I thought I'd make use of being here, and give some attention to my poor neglected little blog. And let it know that it's still loved.
From now on i guess I'll only be blogging on days when it's not raining or too cold, and I can use the wifi in the park. Or whenever I'm feeling brave enough to type incredibly personal things in the middle of the library.

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