Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Blatant Procrastination.

I'm addicted to Twitter. And Facebook.
The other night I chewed through an entire packet of blueberry gum. In fifteen minutes. Then I played with it and stuck pins in it. Disgusting but fun, the kind of thing you do and hope no one finds out about. And then tell everyone about anyway.
I start writing posts while I'm meant to be studying. But I usually forget to finish them. Or decide that I don't like them.
I am about to complete half a terms worth of coursework.
In ten days. I might cry a lot. Or I might be fine.

I own bunny slippers, they are not cute. They are old and raggedy. I love them.
I also own a fluorescent green dressing gown.
It glows, and gives my face a greenish tinge.
If my house was ever on fire..I would save my laptop, probably.
And my Rosie-bunny. I'd probably actually save her before the laptop.
Rosie-bunny has led a long and interesting life, she now spends the majority of her time sitting on my bed.
In her heyday she was an avid traveller, she once spent an entire year in Garden, getting to know the locals. I forgot to undig her after a slightly emotional game of "funeral".
But the Gardener eventually returned her to Bethroom. It pays to be friendly with the locals.
It also pays to bury bunnies in lunch boxes, so they don't rot.

The trouble with bus-crushes, is that you see them twice, do stupid things like drop books down the aisle, and then never see them again. However, life goes on..currently moving on to "real-people-with-actual-names" crushes.
Crush is a horrible word. It should probably never be used beyond the age of 14 and never written outside of a tweenie mag.
I'm feeling very pre-teenish though. So I get to use it. Crushcrushcrushcrush. I'm 12.

I don't really believe in time, but unfortunately my tutors do.
Really not wanting to start my essays.
Ooh, maybe I should spend a lot of time on weheartit.. looking for a picture to go with this.
Oh, that didn't take nearly long enough.


  1. Heeee. I have to remember not to put Mr. Fluffinstuff in any lunchboxes and bury him alive, my poor baby! Oooooh who ya crushing on now missy? I am so in love with an internet friend, it's retarded. I crack onto her in the seediest ways daily- she says she's not sick of it yet, so that's a!

  2. Oh god, please don't bury YOUR bunny..he is real.
    ..and I'm so not telling..this is the INTERNET..people can read it, and it EXISTS FOREVER.
    Haha you are funny, I heart you..creep. I'm sure she finds the attention, er, flattering.

  3. haha at Em - one day Amelia is going to come over and you are gonna be all shy and blushy.

    Also, I love that you didn't have enough actual pets die often enough to play funeral when you wanted. although i'm glad the gardener dug up toy-bunny-in-lunchbox and not poor-kitty-squished-by-car-or-something-along-those-lines

  4. What can I say..I was a morbid child.
    Up until a while ago I totally though that EVERYONE played funerals..until, talking to someone I didn't know very well I said "haha, like, when you're a kid..and you hold funerals for your soft toys.." and recieved a funny look. And a "no, what?".