Monday, June 01, 2009

And Ooh Look I'm Not Talking About Me..For A Change.

But still talking about me, kind of..I can't help myself.
Umm, all of my thoughts have been sucked out of my brain and replaced with other peoples.
It's okay, other people are more interesting than me.

Especially Adrienne Rich. She is amazing. I wish I was her, only I probably wouldn't be as good at being her as she is. And then she wouldn't be her, she'd be me, and I am not at all interesting, really. Or as amazing.
Maybe I just wish that I had access to her thoughts. All of them, even the "I need to brush my teeth, there's a funny taste in my mouth" ones.

"But it is more than these, although we may first begin to perceive it as a form of naysaying to patriarchy, an act of resistance. It has of course included isolation, self-hatred, breakdown, alcoholism, suicide and intrawoman violence; we romanticise at our peril what it means to love and act against the grain..what has been kept from our knowledge is joy, sensuality, courage.."

- Adrienne Rich

I think she probably knows all the things my mother never told me.

"Imagining the landscape of your sorrow
..Is it yellow..or is it blue?"
Yael Naim is amazing too. In another way.
This picture has nothing to do with the post...but I like it. It appeals to me. I'm not sure why.