Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Series Of Ghost Letters, The First.

It was never sent.
Never written.
I simply sat, pen in hand. Blue plastic against the soft, alien and out of place.
(I am alien, out of place)
I sat, stiller than still.
Immobile, unchanging. (Do you see? This is what constancy looks like)
I have not moved. It is not hard, dear. Not hard at all.

A blank page. Not blank, lined. But unworded.
I had no words left.
I thought. I could roll it into a cone, perhaps. Hold it to the speaker, let the music speak for me.
The speaker.
Seal it, send it.
Let you know. That you were lost in your little life.
They have always known better than me. But I knew better than you.

Crumpled, blue lined paper. Momentarily stained with a blue plastic pen.
The bluest of Tuesdays.
I may have cried a little.
But only a little. I have cried more for others.

Letter the first,
in the right hand corner,
second window from the bed.

If you close your eyes, it looks like this
and it sounds like the sky, on a cloudy day.


  1. *detached cuddles*

    Real ones too.

  2. Hello friendly mouse. Thank you for the cuddles.

  3. When I am not a scary possum, I am a lovey anony mouse. :)

  4. I have taken to entertaining myself on your blog instead of writing for mine. I wrote a firewood poem about sad trees and ants and age rings but it was in my head and as soon as I stopped stacking at against a wall (precariously balanced of course) the words got tangled and feel down in a heap.

    It happens a lot.

    I was a bit happy today because I bought Culpeppers Herbal. An illustrated version. I can never find Peter Pans though. That would have been extra happy.

  5. Mum just took the kids for a drive to the shop. I have her girlfriends credit card number. NZ here I come!

    Oh shit. lack of passport. bugger.

    I miss you.

  6. One month. one month, one month..or four weeks? Which sounds shortest?
    I'm being good(ish) (but not really) and replying to comments, mostly because I can't sleep.
    And you are asleep, and yes, I miss you.

  7. technically, it's like 3 weeks and 4 days. Not that I'm counting or anything...