Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Odds and Ends.

Here are the Odds.
I have to get sleeping pills from my doctor.
So says my mother. She says a lot of things. And I say everything and nothing in return.
I don't like the idea of not being able to wake up.
And I don't like small white things, that sit so menacing inside palms.
I have decided recently, that I believe in magnetic forces, sea tides, and the moon. I should really update my facebook "religious views" status.
Tangible is such wonderful word. And it always makes me think of citrus fruits. Even better.
Of fingernails pressing gently into pitted rind, bringing forth a soft spray. Leaving half moon trails.
I think that I would like to be somewhere else
...waiting for somewhere else to arrive.
It isn't working so far. I also think that I would like to try gardening, in the right moonlight.
My windows are very rattly,
Tomorrow I will stop up the gaps, with ghosts of love letters, the ones that were written but never sent.
Poor dears, they should be used for something.
This is the End. I know I said "Ends", but there is only one.
Two now. Good.
This is the real End.


  1. I think goats are overrated. They smell and they eat the washing. You can't hang your washing on lavender bushes in the sunshine to dry if there is a goat.
    But an aga is a good idea. we can warm our hands in the mornings and slow cook porridge. With honey.

    Furthermore, you can tell it was a boy talking, because boys think that having 4 babies = romance (but really it just equals sex at least 4 times). (unless you have twins). But babies aren't really romantic. The girls have to look after them while the boys go off on adventures. You can't take babies on adventures, they are too small.

    Unless it's a safe, small adventure. To a cafe maybe. Or the seashore. Not your seashore - it's too adventurous. Maybe a french seaside in summer? Or maybe a small adventure to the fruit market and home again and pies on a window sill and fresh herbs in pots and salt in the breeze and washing drying on lavender bushes and cheery neighbours and good coffee and nice sunsets with sleeping children (if any) and moonlight dances and forests and moons and night time and sleepy cuddling.

  2. I was once molested by a goat. It is a long story.

    I like your posts. I can never think of much to say in reply, but they always inspire me to write something. (as in, not a comment, but a post on my website etc.)

    I should comment more, so you post more :)

  3. Going with the goats theme, a goat attacked me once. I fed it jelly crystals, which he seemed to like, a little too much. When I stopped feeding him, he got angry and head butted me. I may be a tiny bit scared of goats now, but then again I'm scared of everything.

    I'm glad that someone else thinks that tangible sounds like a fruit. And the love letters are a good idea, I'm so sick of my rattly windows. I will write a love letter tonight, and put it in my window. No sneaking up to my room to read it though!

  4. See, goats are definitely a no no.

  5. Beth's goat story..
    My cousin had a goat, her name was Annie. We borrowed her for the weekend once.
    The goat, not my cousin.
    She chewed through her tether, and ate my mum's rhubarb plants. We took her to the vet, and spent two days saying "oh no, is she going to die?" but she was fine. Apparently goats aren't that susceptible to oxylic acid.
    We gave her back after that. The end.

    Hello Anonymous, I like you. Be my friend? Lets run away to a land without goats and have small adventures together. I like places that start with M, or P.

    POPPY POPPY POPPY! I'm sorry for shouting..but I've internet-missed you a bit, during your internet hiatus. I always like your posts too, but I'm terrible at commenting. I should post more often, so you post more often :)
    If you moved to Wellington, I would post even more. And cook you vegan food presents.

    Why hello Miss Amielia, nice to meet you. You shouldnt be scared of everything, just me, I am growly and scary, ggrrr. I'm not, I lied. I am so going to snoop through your room tomorrow :)

    Your comments were better than my post :)