Friday, April 17, 2009

Note To Self. Never Use "Visualising" Or "Chakra" In Conversation Again..

So I stayed home last night, watched Project Runway and cut up bits of paper...yup, home on a Friday choice. My flatmates laughed at me.

In retrospect I probably should have said something like "I'm tired and just want to sleep" instead of "Oh I have to be up at 7 tomorrow. Venus goes direct at 7:25 , so I really want to spend some time clearing out my creative spaces, cleaning,'s really the best time to do it, you know?", yeah "I'm sleepy" would have definitely been better.

However...this morning, they all have hangovers. And I have a lovely tidy desk and a handful of pretty paper words for my wall.

Sometimes ridiculous New Ageism really pays off.

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  1. I think by posting the word "chakra", you have probably lost the Internet's respect...and mine.