Saturday, April 11, 2009

Conversations With Crazy People...Indulge Me...I Miss Them.

Oh, nice, make fun of the short girl...
Mum- "Wake up Thumbelina."
Me- "What?...why am I Thumbelina?"
Mum-" She slept a lot."
Me- "No. She was the tiny one."
Mum- "Oh. Get up Thumbelina."

So proud...
Baby Sis- "Last week at school we told everyone that Nicole has severe anger management issues...Well, I may have told everyone....She maybe doesn't know....but it's awesome! Everyone's scared of her. Yesterday Bailey (who is like, so mean, Beth) was like "you can't sit there, I'm saving these seats" and I just wiggled my eyebrows and said "Sure about that?" "

Um, what?!
Brother Boy- "Hey Beth, what are the symptoms of heroin withdrawal?...It's for school, drama, we're playing drug addicts. We want to be as realistic as possible. So I told everyone I'd ask you."

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  1. Ahahhahahahahahaha. I love your family. Espesh you sis. Can I keep her? She's toilet trained, right?